Metering Europe 2007: EcoMeter saves money and environment

The ecoMeter was developed by Landis+Gyr Group company in Australia to respond to the increasing need for awareness of energy usage and efficiency practices. It is a handy in-home display providing energy users with valuable information to monitor and control energy consumption and cost in the home.

“The ecoMeter is an example of our innovative power and our commitment to contribute to the economical use of resources with intelligent solutions. The market introduction of the ecoMeter started in Australia and was followed by USA and UK. Now we are preparing the introduction in other European markets too”, states Andreas Umbach, President & CEO of Landis+Gyr.

The ecoMeter increases environmental consciousness by visibly linking energy consumption to greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption to resource scarcity. From the ecoMeter energy users get information about their yearly electricity, gas and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions as well as current tariff rates/demand. This gives consumers the possibility to regulate their consumption in order to save money and benefit the environment.

For energy companies the ecoMeter enables direct communication channel with their customers. It allows management of individual energy loads, tracking of export energy, account queries and scheduled outages. It thus gives energy companies new tools for levelling off the peak demand during the day.

The ecoMeter was awarded the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (AEEMA) 2006 Excellence Award for Best New Product in the ICT/Software category. The first pilot installation also received the prestigious “Green Globe” from the Energy Ministry of New South Wales.

For more information please contact:
Pasi Rantanen, Marketing Manager, Landis+Gyr Europe
Tel. +358 40 5367173

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