New AIM 2.2 solution offers unlimited scalability and exceptional user friendliness

AIM 2.2 consists of cutting-edge applications:

  • AIM Enterprise Edition, thanks to unique DataMax Architecture developed by Landis+Gyr Enermet, offers unlimited system scalability by seamlessly using multiple AMR engines within one system.
  • New version of AIM Site Manager makes the deployment phase easier than ever. It saves money, time and automates the deployment process.
  • AIM 2.2 includes the most flexible integration tool in the market, AIMIA. This unique two-way integration platform leaves the era of file transfers behind and combines the AIM solution seamlessly to customer’s processes.

Several new metering devices will also be released by Landis+Gyr Enermet to be used with the new AIM 2.2 solution:

1) Enermet E120Gi, the market's most advanced GPRS meter
E120Gi for residential point-to-point metering is an excellent choice for all future metering and service needs. E120Gi also acts as a gateway meter, providing a cost-efficient solution and a point-to-point advantage in metering rooms.

2) Enermet EMPC100i, the intelligent and powerful concentrator
EMPC100i enables efficient metering data collection and control via low voltage network. Intelligent reading cycle and advanced meter configuration management give it enough power to handle even the largest transformer area.

3) Enermet EM200Gi, the reliable and cost efficient GSM/GPRS modem
EM200Gi functions as a modem between the metering device (e.g. Enermet E600 and E700 industrial meters) and the AMR system and communicates using either GPRS or GSM data communication.

4) Enermet ET50, the versatile PLC terminal for multi-energy
ET50, advanced multi-energy terminal, provides a cost-efficient and simple solution for multi-energy AMR. It reads electricity, heat, gas or water meters and sends the measuring values to the AMR system.