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Electricity Meters


The FOCUS platform for advanced metering and smart grid applications is designed to enhance your sensor ecosystem with industry-leading reliability and innovative features. Expanding on Landis+Gyr’s proven and industry leading AX solution, the FOCUS AXe-SD provides enhanced security with tamper… Mehr erfahren

  • Two, simultaneous demands kWh and kVA or kVAR
  • Detect meter removal/insertion from meter socket
  • Power quality data (sag/swell)
  • Most advanced cam-driven switch design to withstand 10K cycles at full rated current
  • Switch continues operation even under low voltage conditions
  • Expanded non-volatile memory
  • Magnetic/DC presence detection (based on leading current)
  • Optical port lockout/open
  • Supports two methods of calculating kVA/kVAR covering Q1-Q4 quadrants
  • Enhanced power supply
  • Surpasses ANSI requirements for surge protection (10KV) and meter accuracy
  • Motor-cam driven service disconnect integrated into meter base
  • 8 channels of load profile

With capabilities like dual-demand, recorder, and reactive, the FOCUS AX metering platform (including the FOCUS AXe, AXRe, and RXRe meters) can accommodate next generation applications* (pre-pay, power quality, tamper detection, etc.) to enhance the value of your meter sensor ecosystem.

The E351 incorporates a 200A, motor driven, cam action disconnect/connect switch under the meter cover. This advanced, market-leading switch, coupled with the field-proven reliability of the E351, delivers Landis+Gyr’s third generation design answer to today’s evolving utility requirements.

  • Real time rate input (optional)*
  • Advanced over-the-air-flashable firmware upgrades avoids loss of billing or configuration data*
  • Pre-pay ready*

*Select features rely on a communications module. Meters that are AMI-enabled with communications are clearly labeled on meter face above digital display.

  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific

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