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S650 SMART Grid Terminal Provides a Unique Solution for Street Lighting and SMART Grid Development

Dutch network companies are required to offer a “switched network” for municipalities to serve street light applications. Traditionally, street lighting has been controlled centrally but there is now a need to replace the existing systems with new, more cost-efficient technologies. Furthermore, over 40% of the street light connections are currently not measured, meaning a meter has to be installed.

The background to Stedin and Landis+Gyr’s S650 Smart Grid Terminal project

Also Landis+Gyr’s long-term customer Stedin was facing the need to update their street lighting technology. Furthermore, there was also a clear need for Stedin to improve their operations and energy efficiency – to take steps towards creating a smarter grid and realizing the vision of a “self-healing grid”.

Landis+Gyr and Stedin agreed to implement a street lighting solution that provides real measurement of consumption and enables the optimized switching and dimming of the street lights. The solution could be used also for distribution transformer monitoring, which would improve and cost optimize operations and maintenance of the network and provide efficient tools to monitor energy and power.

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