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Electricity Meters

Landis+Gyr EM1200

The EM1200 is a fully programmable single phase multi-function watt hour meter providing an affordable solution to your dynamic metering requirements through comprehensive and advanced functionality. With the very fast download times of the Landis+Gyr proprietary protocol (90 days of… Mehr erfahren


Advanced measurement and demand controls

  • Four metering quantities directly calculated by the measurement circuits
  • Four energy tariff rates, five day types, four seasons, special dates such as holidays and the start/end of daylight saving
  • Net metering for green power tariffs.
  • Load profile recording with twelve channels available
  • Separate forward and reverse energy registration on both elements
  • Load control through the use of up to two direct time switched or ripple controlled load control relays
  • Two programmable pulses.
  • Asia-Pacific

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